Fees For People With No Medicare Number

The following table shows the average fees per day for services for people who do not have a Medicare number.  Fees can be different at other health services.

Fees may be worked out on a diagnosis related group (DRG) or on the number of nights in hospital. Other fees which aren’t listed in the table may include medical costs billed separately by the treating doctors, diagnostics, prostheses, drugs and theatre fees.

NCN Health understands that some overseas patients are entitled to financial assistance because of Reciprocal Health Care Agreements.  Please ask if you think this might apply to you. 

For further information refer to the Victorian Health Policy and Funding GuidelinesDepartment of Health and Human Services.

Residential Aged Care Fees

For information regarding Aged Care Facilities cost for Permanent Care – please visit: https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/aged-care-home-costs-and-fees