Don’t let COVID-19 hurt your health

The coronavirus pandemic is having a considerable impact on public health, but not in the way you would expect.
Following a significant drop in people seeking community, primary and general medical treatment, NCN Health is urging people not to forget about their health during lockdown.

NCN Health CEO Jacque Phillips said when the general public think about health at the moment, COVID-19 is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. However, it is vital we don’t neglect our everyday health care needs.

“The Health Service has seen a decrease in presentations to urgent care, GPs, Community and Primary Health. This may be because of concerns over safety, confusion over COVID-19 restrictions and what you are or aren’t allowed to do. It may also be because people are unsure if the health care they need is currently available to them.”

Ms Phillips said the community has been doing a fantastic job adjusting to the changes and restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, but a worrying trend in the health care setting suggests we will soon see a spike in chronic disease, delayed referrals leading to poorer health outcomes, and treatable conditions being left undiagnosed.

“COVID-19 has been all consuming, but please don’t forget to look after yourselves with regards to any other medical condition or issue that may present.

“I want to reassure you that all our services are still operating across all areas and you are always allowed to leave your home for medical reasons, regardless what stage of restrictions apply,” she said.

Ms Phillips said that even those isolating at home with COVID-19 symptoms waiting on their test results were not excluded from health care.
“If you are isolating at home and you are feeling unwell, or you have another medical issue that needs attention, you can still access health care. Just call the health service in advance and we can organise for you to see a health professional.

“We have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and resources in place to support your medical care.”

Ms Phillips said the message from NCN Health was clear, “please don’t suffer in silence, we don’t want our community delaying their health care needs out of fear or confusion over COVID-19. We are here to help.”
For more information, contact NCN Health.

NCN Health Nathalia: (03) 5866 9444
NCN Health Cobram: (03) 5871 0777
NCN Health Numurkah: (03) 5862 0560

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