NCN Health Nathalia Solar Panel Expansion

Renewable energy has expanded at NCN Health Nathalia with the installation of a 90kw solar system.

The building works started in July and were completed in October, with new solar panels constructed on framing over the current public carpark, providing shade for client’s vehicles when visiting the health service.

NCN Health Nathalia already uses energy from an 80kw solar system with panels located on the facilities roofing. The second installation has further secured our renewable energy and helped to reduce our environmental impact.

The expansion of renewable energy is an exciting project for NCN Health Nathalia. Generating renewable energy sources as opposed to burning fossil fuels offers significant health and environmental benefits with reductions in air and water pollution. This assists the environment to thrive with reductions in pollution; it also reduces health concerns such as breathing problems, neurological damage, heart attacks and cancer.

If you have any questions relating to the installation please contact NCN Health Nathalia on (03) 5866 9444.

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