New Look for NCN Health Cobram Urgent Care Centre

The redevelopment of the Cobram Urgent Care Centre begins this month and will include a new Urgent Care Centre, with separate entry and ambulance access.

The Urgent Care Centre Redevelopment will deliver a more accessible health service together with upgraded facilities, increased floor space, improved safety, quality and efficiency.

The project design includes; the redevelopment of the Urgent Care Centre, with separate entry and ambulance access, additional internal works to meet regulatory and Department of Health requirements.

A separate entry for Urgent Care Centre from the main reception will improve staff and consumer safety by creating two waiting areas with security features.

The works will be staged so existing facilities including; urgent care, the main entrance and reception, will remain in use during the build.

Theatre will be paused in Cobram with services relocating to Numurkah Campus for the duration of the build.

The temporary redirecting of theatre services from Cobram to Numurkah is due to start in January. Patients booked for theatre in 2023 will be contacted and followed up by NCN Health.

GPs can continue to refer patients for surgical procedures as normal. Patients will be able to attend the pre-anesthetic clinic at Cobram campus and will be contacted when surgical referrals are received from GPs. Patients will still be able to access the same surgeons and theatre at Numurkah campus.

Some hoarding and barriers will be put in place to help the flow of traffic and keep the community safe and separate from building works.

NCN Health CEO Jacque Phillips described the project as an “exciting and important investment for the region” and said it was made possible by the Victorian Government’s 2020/2021 Regional Health Infrastructure Fund.

“In 2016 the Victorian Government established the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund to improve health services and agencies in rural and regional Victoria and deliver better care to patients, no matter where they live.

“The redevelopment of the Urgent Care Centre has been a priority for the board and management of formerly Cobram District Health and now NCN Health for many years.”

NCN Health Cobram Director of Clinical Services Carolyn Hargreaves said the redevelopment would increase safety and accessibility.

“NCN Health Cobram provide acute and urgent care for a high volume of complex presentations. The redevelopment is an important investment for the community that will provide a more accessible and safe health service together with upgraded facilities, quality and efficiency. We look forward to sharing updates and photos of the project once it is underway in early 2023.”

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