PCR Testing Clinics Closed at NCN Health

The Department of Health is closing state run PCR COVID testing sites from December 31. This means PCR COVID tests will no longer be available at NCN Health after this date.

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) are currently available free of charge from front reception at each campus, there are no eligibility requirements and you do not have to make an appointment to collect these. If you have COVID symptoms please call ahead to reception to organise a COVID safe pick up of RATs. Phone numbers for each campus can be found HERE

Moving forward the Department of Health together with local governments will increase availability of free RATs to include libraries and customer service centres.  Free RATs are expected to be available to all Victorians until June 2023.

To access a PCR COVID test after December 31, you will need to see your GP for a referral. PCR COVID testing will be reserved for people who are at high risk of becoming very unwell from COVID, and/or those who will need anti-viral medication.


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