NCN Health is working hard to protect the health and safety of staff, volunteers, residents, patients, clients and the community from the spread of Coronavirus across the region. We have made a number of preparations:

· NCN Health has vigilant infection control processes in place.

· We have increased cleaning and enhanced use of PPE equipment in high risk areas in addition to our excellent infection control processes.

· We are screening staff, patients and visitors prior to entering the health service (checking health, temperature, travel and contact). 

· We have put restrictions in place at our hospitals and residential aged care facilities to protect everyone, especially those most vulnerable.

· Our staff have undertaken specific training in preparation for COVID-19.

· We have made changes to the layout of furniture in our buildings and made new requirements to ensure social distancing.

· We have prepared a pandemic plan which is currently being implemented and we are meeting daily. We are building our workforce for the weeks and months ahead. 

NCN Health is working closely with the Department of Health and Human Services, GV Health, other health services and experts.


Please follow the advice of the Victorian Government. Stay home unless you need to go out for medical care, work/education, daily exercise or for shopping for food/supplies.

Practice social distancing (keeping 1.5m apart from others), avoid social gatherings and follow good hygiene – wash hands regularly, and cough or sneeze into your elbow.

Please look after your wellbeing – get plenty of rest, eat nutritious food, exercise and stay in touch with friends. Stay connected with others – by phone, internet. 

Reassure children. Check they are ok and monitor their exposure to distressing information or scenes about Coronavirus and reinforce the importance of good hygiene.

Don’t forget to look after your mental health – limit the amount of negative media you see and find ways to relax or try meditation and seek counselling help if you need it. 

Here are some useful resources:

– Beyond blue website:
– Lifeline: phone 13 43 57 or visit
– Smiling Mind app – mindfulness: 
(There are many other mindfulness and meditation apps available to help reduce stress, help sleep and enhance your wellbeing.)
– Raising Children Website:…/coronavirus-and-children-i…

If anyone suspects they have Coronavirus please call the hotline 1800 675 398. If visiting a hospital or GP, please ring prior to attending.

For the latest information and updates visit the Department of Health and Human Services website: