Health Information Privacy

Protecting patient privacy is something we value at NCN Health. Throughout the entire journey with us, we make sure that our patients, clients, residents and visitors are clear about how their personal information is collected, used and disclosed.

Wherever possible, we will provide patients, residents and clients with choices about how their information is used and who it is disclosed to.

Confidentiality of health information is assured. Information is stored in a secure manner, both paper-based and electronically. We support, promote and comply with the 11 Health Privacy Principles.


​The information collected will be used for the purpose of providing treatment to you. Personal information, such as your name, address, medical history, will be used for the purpose of planning your treatment, processing accounts, processing reports required by legislation, for statistical purposes and for the passing on of information relevant to your health care.


We may be required to share your information with other healthcare professionals, or require it from them, if it is necessary for your treatment. In that event the information provided will be only that which is relevant.

We may also use parts of your information for research purposes, in study groups, or for learning purposes. Should this happen, your identity will not be made known without your permission to do so.

Access to your information will be limited to those that have a role in your direct care.


Your Medical Records, X-Rays And Any Other Material Relevant To Your Treatment Will Be Stored At NCN Health. When Not In Use Your Records Will Be Stored In A Secured Area And Access To This Are Is Restricted To Authorised Staff.​


Generally NCN Health Will Retain Your Records For At Least Seven Years Since Your Last Visit. If It Is No Longer Required It May Be Destroyed In Accordance With The ‘General Disposal Schedule For Public Services Patient Records’, Which Is Based On The Legal Requirement Of Record Keeping.

Your Access

You may inspect or request copies of your health information. You may also seek explanation of your records or request amendments to them. While you are an inpatient this request may be made possible by providing supervised access. This involves a health professional being present while you review your records and assisting you with any queries you may have.

These requests are handled by direct care staff in consultation with the Freedom of Information Officer while you are an inpatient.

If after discharge you required access to your information you will be required to request this access by completing a Request for Information form and forwarding this to the Freedom of Information Officer. Statutory fees may apply in relation to the type of access you seek.

If someone other than yourself requests access to your information they will be required to complete a request form and have signed written approval from yourself before they will be given access to information. This access may result in a fee.

Request of Information

You may speak to any member of your health care team and request information. It is important for you to discuss and ask questions regarding your condition or care.

The completion of a Freedom of Information form is required prior to you being given access to your health records.  Download a Freedom Of Information Form

Upon receipt of your request we have 45 days in which to respond to your request. We are also entitled to charge a fee for providing access.

Family Violence and Child Information Sharing Request

NCN Health has developed a process for Information Sharing Entities (ISEs) to request relevant information under the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS) and Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS) For an explanation of the process, follow the link:  Process for requesting information 

You can find the Family Violence and Child Information Sharing Request Form Here

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