NCN Health Promotes Advanced Care Planning

National Advanced Care Planning Week

NCN Health promoted Advanced Care Planning Week in March to help the local community consider their future medical care and understand the importance of advance care planning.

Advanced Care Planning Week is 22 – 26 of March.

The purpose of Advanced Care Planning Week is to encourage people to think about and discuss what living well means to them and to learn how planning can be done today to provide a medical care road map for tomorrow.

NCN Health wants to help people prepare for a time when they may be too sick to speak for themselves and consider a scenario where family and doctors are left to make tough decisions. Advance care planning can give people a voice, ensuring they remain in the driver’s seat, regardless of what the future brings.

With an ageing population, advance care planning is becoming an increasing priority for both the community and health sector. As it currently stands less than 15% of Australians have documented their preferences in an Advance Care Directive, despite the fact that almost 50% of people will be too unwell to make their own end-of-life decisions.

What is advance care planning?
Advance care planning promotes care that is consistent with your goals, values, beliefs and preferences. It prepares you and others to plan for future health care and a time when you may no longer be able to communicate those decisions yourself.

Key facts about advance care planning

  • Almost 50% of people will not be able to make their own end-of-life medical decisions
  • Less than 15% of Australians have documented their preferences in an Advance Care Directive (ACD). (25% of people aged 65+ have an ACD)
  • A third of Australians will die before the age of 75
  • Most people die after a chronic illness, not a sudden event
  • Research shows that advance care planning can reduce anxiety, depression and stress experienced by families and that they’re more likely to be satisfied with their loved one’s care


How can you access it?

You can create an Advance Care Plan by speaking with you GP or Health Professional at NCN Health. Or, visit for more information.

We plan for education, travel and our careers – so why not plan for our future health?


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