Our Values Launch

November 23 2020

NCN Health celebrated the official launch of Our Values on Monday November 23. The new NCN Health Values are;

  • Respect; Value the rights, beliefs and choices of every individual.
  • Accountability; Take responsibility for our decisions and actions
  • Partnership; Work together to create value in health

To celebrate the event staff were given a NCN Health promotional bag, an ‘Our Values’ stylus pen and notepad.

NCN Health CEO Jacque Phillips said the launch of the NCN Health Values was an important milestone for the health service, that amalgamated on July 1 2019.

“We see examples of Respect, Accountability and Partnership in action every day at NCN Health; through the care given to our residents, patients and clients and in the attitude and actions of all staff as they tackle the many challenges of 2020.”

In December 2019 a working group began liaising with all levels of NCN Health staff and The Board of Directors to form ‘Our Values’.

The working group took the Vision, Mission and Values from each of the three campuses and worked with all staff to get feedback on what our values should look like. This included; staff forums, face to face discussion, online and hard copy surveys and employee rounding.

A set of recommendations were put forward to the Board of Directors. Once these recommendations were reviewed, a second round of staff feedback was completed. It was also important to ensure that the values were ‘health literate’, meaning the language that is used to describe the values is easily understood and means the same thing for all readers.

Finally, after much work and consultation, a final three values were chosen that reflected the key choices of our staff and were simple and straight forward.

The vision for Our Values, is they will help shape the culture and identity of NCN Health. For this to happen Our Values must reflect the staff, residents, patients, clients and community and be embraced by everyone.

Thank you to staff and the community for your contribution to forming Our Values and sharing in our launch day celebration.

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