NCN Health acute care services include; general medicine, palliative care and recovery from surgeries at major health care facilities, where the patient is able to be transferred to one of our facilities closer to their home.

Our acute services are supported by a range of staff across many disciplines, including GPs, registered and enrolled nursing staff, Rural and Isolated Practice Endorsed Registered Nurses (RIPERN nurses), allied health and support staff.

NCN Health Nathalia is a 6-bed acute facility, Cobram has 12 acute beds and Numurkah is a 16-bed facility with one shared room and 14 single rooms.

Each room at NCN Health has a television and telephone for patients to use.  WI-FI access is available on request. 

Private Health Insurance

When being admitted to one of our facilities please consider using your private health cover. Patients who choose to use their private health insurance are a great help to NCN Health. This is because using your health insurance means the insurer will contribute to the cost of your care. This means NCN Health has more resources to;

  • Upgrade facilities and equipment
  • Attract and retain services for the local community
  • Maintain high standards of service

If you decide to use your private insurance at NCN Health we guarantee you will not have any out of pocket medical expenses related to your admission. This does not include fees for medicine that you may require after you leave the hospital.

Medical Ineligible

Fees for people with no Medicare number.

The table below shows the average fees per day for services for people who do not have a Medicare number. Fees can be different at other health services.
Fees may be worked out on a diagnosis related group (DRG) or on the number of nights in hospital. Other fees which aren’t listed in the table may include medical costs billed separately by the treating doctors, diagnostics, prostheses, drugs and theatre fees.

NCN Health understands that some overseas patients are entitled to financial assistance because of Reciprocal Health Care Agreements. Please ask if you think this might apply to you.

For further information refer to the Victorian Health Policy and Funding Guidelines, Department of Health and Human Services.

Emergency, community health and standard ward rates These rates are effective 01/07/2019. Fees are subject to change
Patient Classification Fee per day
Urgent Care attendance  $500
Day stay admission $1100
Overnight admission $1500
Medical fees, including pharmacy Full cost recovery
Community Health appointment $350


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