Teeth Whitening

Cobram Dental Clinic offers Teeth Whitening procedures. Whitening procedures are non-invasive and easy, giving you lasting pearly whites.

Mouth Guards

Customised mouthguards can be made to protect your teeth when playing contact sports. They are adapted to fit your mouth so they stay in place and allow you to talk and breathe normally when playing sports. We can even make them in your team’s colours! People who have clenching or grinding habits during sleep can also have customised mouthguards made to manage and prevent wear.

Root Canal

Root canal treatment is a way of dealing with an infected tooth without having it removed. During this procedure we remove the dental pulp (nerve), clean the inside of the tooth then fill it with a biocompatible material. This way, no bacteria or infection can go into the tooth and you can continue using it like a regular tooth.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” used to restore and protect teeth. These can be made from ceramic, metal or a combination of both depending on your needs. Bridges on the other hand are false teeth that span across a gap to replace missing teeth. These can usually be anchored in with crowns and as such are a fixed alternative for those who prefer not to wear dentures.


Our dental laboratory employs a full time dental technician. Working closely with the dentists, our technician is available to create new dentures and to carry out repairs, additions and relines.

Children's Dental

It’s never too early for your child to learn good dental habits. Children of all ages are encouraged to attend our clinic. You may be eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) whereby each child receives $1052 allocation of funds every 2 years for necessary treatment – please contact our reception staff for further information on this program.

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