NCN Health offers surgical services at Cobram and Numurkah two days per week. Consultants mainly travel from Shepparton and Wangaratta. Specialties include general surgery, gastro intestinal endoscopy, orthopaedics and minor gynaecology. Most procedures performed are day surgery.

Information for patients

What to bring

Please bring any information/ items requested by the Pre-Anaesthetic Nurse. There may be occasions where patients need to stay the night, please bring;

  • Medications in original packaging
  • Medicare or entitlement cards
  • Day clothes
  • Clean pyjamas
  • Safe, well fitted footwear
  • Toiletries; toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush, shampoo and conditioner, moisturiser, deodorant etc…
  • Mobility aids if needed

Please ensure personal items are labelled.

What not to bring

  • Do not bring large amounts of money
  • Do not bring valuable jewellery, make up or nail polish
  • Do not bring talcum powder or aerosol spray as it may interfere with the fire alarm system

Confirming your admission

You can download your admission paperwork here – NCN Health Admission Form – PDF

  • If you have not had contact with a Pre-Anaesthetic Nurse please call and leave a message, the nurse will get back to you. Cobram (03) 5871 0900 or Numurkah (03) 5862 0555
  • Patients undergoing procedures that require special preparation for example, colonoscopy, will need to be seen by the Pre-Anaesthetic Nurse.
  • Patients are advised not to operate machinery, including motor vehicles for at least 24 hours after an anaesthetic or sedation. Please arrange for someone to bring you to and from hospital and look after you overnight.

On the day of your procedure

  • Do not wear talcum powder
  • Do not wear make-up or nail polish
  • Remove all jewellery
  • Shower before your admission
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing


Please present to the reception desk in the main entrance. A staff member will be available to direct you from here. If you arrive before 8.30am, please take a seat in the reception area and a staff member will come and collect you.


Assessments are performed by the hospital staff during your admission and your hospital stay. They are done to explore your medical physical and well-being needs. Assessments help to keep you safe by identifying areas of potential risk or deterioration in your health. Assessments may include a list of questions or tasks that staff members will ask you to complete. These are used to work out whether there is a problem and to measure your progress once you have started treatment.

During your assessment you must let your doctor or nurse know if you have an implantable device. These may include;

  • Deep brain or neuro stimulators
  • Pacemakers
  • Heart valves
  • Medication pumps
  • Lap bands
  • Prostheses

What to expect during your care

During your stay there will be several staff who will care for you, this may include nursing staff, doctors and after-hours doctors. A nurse will come and check on you regularly to address pain management, personal needs and to review your plan of care. If you need help outside the regular visits, press the call bell. For example, when you are getting out of bed it is easy to slip and fall. If you feel weak or unfamiliar with the room press the button to let us know you need assistance.

No lift policy

On admission to the Day Procedure Unit your ability to move yourself in bed, sit up, stand and walk will be assessed. If you require assistance with any of these activities, the nurses will use devices that will aid your movement, making it more comfortable and safe whilst protecting the staff from possible injury.

Waiting for your family or friend

We understand that waiting for a friend or family member while they have surgery can be an anxious and lengthy process, especially if you do not live locally. You are welcome to stay in the comfort of our main foyer areas, where we have a TV, magazines, coffee and food vending machines. If you have children with you there are also outdoor areas and children’s playground facilities. Cobram and Numurkah offers a wide variety of local eateries in the central business district, with eat in or take away options if preferred. Parking is free.

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